Friday, April 8, 2011

java interview questions preparation

Java is one of the fewer secure programming languages, which is first discovered by Sun Microsystems . For sure, a job in Java Domain is not easy. For this reason, many people are interested in Java interview questions which improve them in preparing for interviews and also might bring them a great job opportunity.

If you are looking for job in Java position, you should first make the strong base of the the Object Oriented Programming System (OOPS) as generally the interview questions are based on this system. Below, you are able to find two of the most important and ordinary Java interview questions.

1) What OOPS stands for?
OOPS full form is Object Oriented Programming . This question is asked in most of the interviews. For this question you have to provide the details related to the meaning of this concept and define its features such asInheritance,Abstraction,Polymorphism, Encapsulation,and more.

2) Is Java is pure Object Oriented?
Generally the is mixed-up by this question. As almost all of the Initial Java programmers knows that Java is a 100% OOP. but it is not the truth. Java is not pure OOP because of two reasons, is it is using primitive data types such as char , Boolean , int which are not objects and second reason is it has static keyword which violates the rule of OOPS. According to OOP , everything should be in the form of object and to perform a function we need an object but in java if function is static then we can call is using the class name without making the object.

Likewise, there are many other Java interview questions and you are able to find them listed by different sources. Preparing the precise answers might bring you the success you expect.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


     “Guerilla marketing is a way of marketing and gaining popularity for a specific brand by using some of the innovative, quirky, unexpected and out of the box techniques.” The concept was invented and discussed by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984 when he published a book with same title. This system generally depends on the time, energy, imaginations and relations rather than relying on the budget specified for marketing, overall it has to generate quick results in no time by using all available and satisfactory resources. The main concept behind this kind of the promotion or marketing is to get a buzz or hype about the product and attract the crowd for something innovational and quixotic way which will automatically get the mock publicity required for the promotion of the product or the brand.      Not only small companies but rather some of the big corporations are also active in Guerilla marketing strategies and they have gain the necessary promotion in this type of marketing. Recent more practices and the research which was initiated by Levinson have made this platform almost a mainstream advertising principle. Guerillas can use any techniques to attract the crowd like they can use billboards to publish a completely new image which is actually not related to the product, they make effective use of the print and digital media to gain publicity. The basic concept is to spread the word advertise the product so differently that people should get curious about what is in the kitty, and when all the eyes are drawn on your box, just open it to reveal the secret. Although there sure some of the misconceptions about the platform but they will be rectified in the near future when some of the pioneering achievement will be done in this field.      Today it seems that every guerilla is in a quite busy mode as we have not seen any pioneering or inventing strategy in this field almost all the guerillas are depending on the old and used techniques. Say it fear or lack of mental attitude to try something new, but the Guerilla Marketing is in need of some progressive techniques.